Are you interested in sewing, quilting or knitting and looking for the shop that fits you? Then Sew What’s New and Yarn Too! is the place for you. We offer a friendly environment where you can brag about your latest project or explore glorious rows of fabric, notions, yarn and thread. Our staff takes pride in making Sew What’s New and Yarn Too! the friendliest and most helpful quilting shop you will ever find. We have an assortment of classes available for anyone with the passion and drive to make their own beautiful projects! Stop in, visit, and say hello!

We Offer Classes in:

- Sewing 
- "Know Your Machine"
- Quilting
- Knitting
- Crochet

If you don't see it listed please call and ask. 

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                                                               ULTIMATE CABINET SALE

 First come first serve on this amazing deal as we only have one set and will not be ordering any more. Inspira Studio three drawer storage cabinet and thread cabinet sale. Normally both cabinets would retail for $2650.00 and we are selling the combination for $1500, a savings of $1150.00. They do stack for the ultimate space saver.    

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