About Us

Fabric and Quilting Store OwnerHi, I’m Linda Linsenbarth owner of Sew What’s New and Yarn Too!

Sew What's New opened on April 1, 2003 and POOF! - it has now been over a decade!

We enjoy people, fabric and colorful yarn. What could be better than a quilt/yarn shop where we get to interact with sewing lovers, crocheters, and knitters while getting to see their wonderful projects?
We are committed to "Keeping the World Sewing." This means that we are dedicated to involving young people. Children’s sewing classes are not only fun to teach, but are equally as enjoyable for the children who are beginning to sew!   Learning to sew leads to many benefits: the ability to repair your own (possibly expensive) clothes or to make clothes and other articles from scratch; plus, sewing is a form of stress relief (my personal favorite) and more.

Another key part of Sew What's New are the sewing machines that we sell. We are authorized to repair Husqvarna Viking  sewing machines.  And the quality of these machines have just amazed us. Trust us when we say, not cleaning your machine regularly is as bad as not putting oil in your automobile.  All machinery needs maintenance, care and cleanliness.

Our goal, when the store first opened its doors, was to make sure every customer felt comfortable and welcome. That goal still holds strong today, so please let me know if this is not the case for you when you are in my store -- I will fix it!  So, whether you’re looking for a gorgeous batik, soft yarns or a leisurely cup of coffee,  Sew What's New and Yarn Too will have something to please any palette!     

Happy Sewing!

Sew What's New Fabric and Quilting Shop