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READY TO WEAR with FLAIR by Cindy Losekamp


Book & Multi-formatted CD This book has a huge amount of all new information on techniques and products. If you like to create exciting garment modifications then Ready to Wear is for you! There are over 150 designs for everything in the book. So, get ready to Modify, Redesign and Embellish your Ready Made Garments with Cindy’s amazing and exciting embroidery designs for all kinds of garments. Cindy explains how to embellish garments with machine embroidery, appliqué, themed embroidery designs, decorative stitching, quilting, couching, free motion embroidery, hot fix Austrian Crystals with her unique style of making things seem so simple. 22 Sweatshirts shown with 22 different modifications, but I’m sure you’ll be inspired to create even more!